Office of Financial Aid

About Financial Aid

The USF Health Morsani College of Medicine is keenly aware that the cost of a medical education is rising each year, both for the student and the college. We do everything possible to provide financial assistance to all students who have demonstrated financial need. To accomplish this objective, we will award financial aid to students by following a set of guidelines that have been established to assist all students in a fair and equitable manner.

"Financial aid" does not mean grants or scholarships exclusively. Loans (often with high interest), supplemental employment, and making an effort to reduce spending all fall under the concept of financial aid. Financial aid officers in medical schools across the country have become more "financial and debt management counselors" than "financial aid counselors". The USF Morsani College of Medicine has limited grant and scholarship funds, so to offset tuition, you may need to take out loans to pay for your medical education. There are several loan programs available for our students. Our office will help you with the application for those loans, advise you on the "best" loan programs available, and counsel you on how to keep your borrowing to a minimum.

There are three basic sources of financial aid available to students at the USF Morsani College of Medicine:
  1. Federal Funds 
  2. USF Morsani College of Medicine / Institutional funds 
  3. Outside agency funds (Private loans and/or Scholarships) 
These programs are explained in detail on our "Sources of Financial Aid" page. Federal funds are awarded by following the federally established procedures governing each fund. Institutional funds are awarded by following the policies established by the Morsani College of Medicine Student Affairs Committee.

Eligibility for most of the federal and institutional student aid programs is based on financial need rather than academic achievement. Throughout our web site we explain how financial need is determined, what sources of aid are available and how to apply for that aid.

Students are also encouraged to seek funding from outside (private) organizations such as civic or church groups, hospitals, fraternities, sororities, etc.

Recommended websites for scholarship searches are: