Office of Research

Research Space Allocation Policy

1. Prelude

  1. Research space within the MCOM belongs to and is assigned by the Dean. It is not a permanent entitlement to a Department, Institute, Center or individual faculty.
  2. Policy applies to any faculty who occupies laboratory space.
  3. All individuals will retain only one office, including those who have additional administrative duties.

2. Definition of Research Space

  1. Laboratory space: physical laboratory (including “dry lab”) space directly associated with research programs including clinical trials.
  2. Principal Investigator (PI) office space: offices of faculty who are principal investigators of extramurally funded research programs.
  3. Shared space: communal spaces, including common equipment space, dedicated administrative space, conference rooms that support sponsored research that are located within research buildings.
  4. Other office/work space: workspaces for graduate students, biological scientists, senior biological scientists, scientific researchers, post-doctoral fellows, faculty with significant (>80%) effort on a given sponsored research project or projects, visiting scientists, or other lab personnel.
  5. Total departmental research space: laboratory space + shared space.

3. Definition of Funding

  1. The funding metric is based on the most recently completed fiscal year expenditures or the average of the last 3 years. Whichever dollar amount is greatest is used for calculating space allocation. For new grants, the projected expenditures for the upcoming year may be utilized.
  2. Expenditure dollars are credited to the Principal Investigator (PI)/Multiple Principal Investigators (MPI) only.
  3. Career awards are included.
  4. Credit for PPG-type (Program Project Grants) awards is allocated to project PIs.
  5. Expenditures from “start-up” funds are not research funding, but it should be noted that new faculty are not subject to the research space policy until 3 years after beginning employment or as stated in their letter of offer.
  6. Expenditures from any formal intramural grant funding program or grant-derived research initiative account (RIA) are considered research funding for purposes of this policy. Ad hoc funding, such as from a department chair, is not considered research funding.
  7. Expenditures from an individual’s Research Initiative Account may also be considered research funding.
  8. All of an investigator’s research expenditures are proportionally credited to their space if they have space in multiple buildings.

4. Research Space Metrics

The term “research space metrics” (metrics) refers to allocation of research space based on research funding. Under exceptional circumstances, the metrics listed below may be modified by the Vice Dean for Research based on building configuration and other factors.

  1. Laboratory space: $300 total (direct + indirect) research expenditures per square feet.
  2. Principal Investigator (PI) office space: if research expenditures are less than $750,000 per year, the PI is allotted 85-150 square feet office space. If research expenditures is more than $750,000 per year, the PI office space is at the discretion of the Vice Dean for Research. These values are subject to availability, building configuration, and discretion of the Chair and Vice Dean for Research.
  3. Shared space: currently, shared space is not subject to grant expenditure metrics for individual PIs; however, shared space is counted in the departmental space allotment.
  4. Other office/work space: biological scientists, senior biological scientists, and scientific researchers are generally expected to occupy workspace within the laboratory space. Office or desk space for graduate students or upper personnel such as post-doctoral fellows should be ~30 square feet per individual and may be located outside the laboratory space. Space outside the laboratory is allotted for four 1.0 FTE individuals per $375,000 of grant funding (direct + indirect) per year. For example, for a $375,000 (direct + indirect) R01, up to 120 square feet of space for four post-doctoral fellows or graduate students (if necessary) can be allocated outside the wet laboratory space. Faculty who are co-investigators (>80% effort) may have office space similar to that of the PI, at the discretion of the Chair and Vice Dean for Research.
  5. Total departmental research space in square feet shall not exceed total departmental research funding divided by 300.

All requests for space allocations or reallocations must be made using the 2 forms below. First, submit the completed MCOM Research Space Request Form to Matthew Anderson ( Once reviewed, approved and signed by the Vice Dean, you may submit it to the Office of Facilities Management along with the USF Health Facilities Space Request Form.

  1. MCOM Research Space Request Form
  2. USF Health Facilities Space Request Form