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Current Studies

For all studies, please contact: (727) 767-8230 or 

We have several clinical trials and grant  funded studies at most times. Past studies have treated OCD, tics, Tourette, PANS/PANDAS, misophonia, anxiety and autism, autism, ADHD, depression. Some services may be covered by the study.



U-HEAR (Unified Protocol to Help Emotions and promote Auditory Relief) 

Misophonia is a sensitivity that some people have when they hear certain noises. When they hear these noises, they often experience significant feelings of frustration, anger, and or other intense emotions. Some examples of these noises include breathing, swallowing, tapping, and smacking lips.  

U-HEAR is a USF research study about a treatment for children and adolescents with misophonia. We are currently recruiting children and adolescents (between the ages of 8-17 years old) in Florida who have misophonia symptoms and are interested in therapy. 

What does participation include?

  • Screen for eligibility and informed consent
  • Initial evaluation and 2 additional assessments
  • 10 free therapy sessions
  • All study visits will be offered via telehealth services

If you are interested, please contact our study coordinator, Kelly Kudryk, at or (813) 586-1630. 

Principal Investigator: Adam B. Lewin, Ph.D., ABPP 

USF Rothman Center for Pediatric Neuropsychiatry  

IRB# Pro00042498