Rothman Center for Pediatric Neuropsychiatry

Clinical Services

Psychoeducational Testing

The psychoeducational testing clinic generally serves youth ages 6-17. Prior to testing, patients are scheduled for a clinical interview with our psychology team to review the reason for testing and determine (1) if our clinic is the best option to provide testing and (2) determining an individualized plan for testing. Testing visits are generally 2-3 hours over one or more separate follow-up visits. Assessments usually include a review of records, intellectual (IQ) and achievement testing, as well as an assessment of behavioral/emotional functioning. Attention, memory, and executive functioning abilities can also be examined. A separate visit with parents will be scheduled approximately 3 weeks later to discuss results of the evaluation. Some insurances cover testing, but certain diagnoses are not covered. Please check with your insurance company and our financial specialist prior to scheduling.