Resident Scholarship



  • Maternal Obesity, Placental Pathology and Neonatal Outcomes. Peterson, E.
  • Treating Propafenone Toxicity Utilizing Molecular Adsorbent Recirculating Systems (MARS) Therapy. Bhatt, A.
  • Panama: Working with School Aged Children and Learning from their Vaccination Program. Drees, A, Furman, L, Rye-Buckingham, S, Sanchez Parra, C.
  • Improving Vaccination Rates in Pediatric Patients with Asplenia. Engel, E, Bradley, M, Furman, L.
  • Baby TIPS Teaching Infant Parenting Skills. Engel, E, Hagerman, J, Dinh, L, Kiddler, M, Barron, S, Buchfellner, M, Harley, J.



  • Treatment of Acetaminophen Overdose in an Adolescent Female with Delayed Presentation: A Case Report and Literature Review, Cristoforo, T.
  • Herpes Esophagitis with Concomitant Eosinophilic Esophagitis in a Child: A Case Report, Cristoforo, T, Clinical Pediatrics. 
  • Evaluating the Necessity of Antibiotics in the Treatment of Acute Epididymitis in Pediatric Patients: A Literature Review of Retrospective Studies and Data Analysis, Cristoforo, T, Pediatric Emergency Care.
  • The Utility of Asthma Scores in Disposition Decisions for Children with Status Asthmaticus, Ryan K. Presented at USF Research Day, received outstanding resident poster award.
  • Post-Patent Ductus Arteriosus Ligation syndrome with Hypertension and masking of Renal artery Stenosis in an infant, Peterson, E. Presented at USF Research Day.
  • Successful use of Eltrombapag in a Pediatric Patient with HIV associated Thrombocytopenia, Engel, E.  Presented at ASPHO meeting and published in the “Pediatric Blood & Cancer” online Journal.
  • One Program’s Journey into the Wizarding World of Wellness, Nereim, C and Plant, M, presented at the annual APPD meeting.
  • Development of a Scale for Academic Related Anxiety Following Concussion, Dressing, M. Presented at FCAAP meeting, won best poster.
  • TIPS to Improve Inpatient General Surgery Admission Medication Reconciliations,  Simone C,  Martin, H, Hagerman, J, presented at JHM Hospitalist conference, ACH Research Day .
  • What is this Rash on an Infant’s Foot?  Root, C.  Published in Consultant 360.
  • Response to First Dose of Albuterol in Mechanically Ventilated Preterm Infants, Brasher,M. Presented at PAS meeting.


  • Dr. Lauren Swanson, Newly-recruited Intestinal Macrophages in Human NEC and Murine NEC-like Injury Display an Inflammatory Phenotype 
  • Dr. Kejal Desai, The MOM Project: Addressing Barriers to Providing Mothers Own Milk in VLBW Infants 
  • Michael Dressing, Development of a Scale to Measure Academic Related Anxiety Following Concussion


  • Drs. Dornshuld and Dr. Perez presented "Understanding Parental Perceptions of Children’s Body Image, Health and Dietary Intake in Panama".
  • Dr. Driver presented "Safety and Feasibility of Auricular Acupuncture in NAS Syndrome".
  • Dr. Gillispie presented "A Novel Case Report of Congenital AML in a Child with Beckwith-Wiedemann, Rates of Remission in Polyarticular JIA: A Practice Based Study" and received the Ephraim Engleman Residency Research Preceptorship; project at Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.
  • Dr. Gross published 4 projects during residency: "Protocol for a Systemic Review on the Extent of Non-publication of Research Studies and Associated Study Characteristics", "Management of Infants Born with Thrombocytopenia", "Atlanto-axial-subluxation after Adenoidectomy", and "Neuroretinitis Stellata in Pediatric Lime Disease". She also had a poster presentation at FMA poster symposium. 
  • Dr. Guthrie published a "Case Report-A Novel Case of Congenital AML in a Child with Beckwith-Wiedemann".
  • Drs. Baldwin and Desai presented a poster "Risk of Mortality in Infants with Critical Congenital Heart Disease and Feeding Intolerance Requiring Gastrostomy Tube Placement".
  • Dr. Wright presented "Incidentally Found Brain Tumors in Pediatrics: Addressing a Current Treatment Dilemma".
  • Drs. Driver and Gao presented "Safety and Efficacy of Bedside Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Placement in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit".
  • Dr. Kimberly Law presented "Esophageal Diverticulum and High-Grade Esophageal Structure Responsive to Serial Balloon Dilation and Nutritional Therapy".
  • Drs. Baldwin and Desai presented "Safety and Outcomes of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube Placement in Infants Less than Five Kilograms with Critical Congenital Heart Defects".
  • Dr. Telepak presented "Risk of Mortality in Various Subgroups with Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension".