Jennifer Leiding

Jennifer Leiding, MD

Medical Director USF Multidisciplinary Immunology, Pediatrics

Medicar Director SCID Newborn Screening, Pediatrics

Contact Info 140 7th Ave S
Box 9680
St. Petersburg FL 33701

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  • MD, Medicine, Universityof South Florida, 2006
  • BS, Biology, University of South Florida, 2002

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Recent Publications

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  • Tangye SG, Forbes LR, Leiding J, Preece K, Kumar AR, Gambineri E, Milner JD, Cooper MA, Seppänen M. Low IgE Is Insufficiently Sensitive to Guide Genetic Testing of STAT3 Gain-of-Function Mutations. Clinical chemistry. 63(9) : 1539-1540, 2017.
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