Roy Tamura

Roy Tamura, PHD

Assoc Professor, Health Informatics Institute

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Tampa FL 33612

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Academic Phone:(813) 396-0954

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  • PhD, Statistics, North Carolina State University, 1984

Recent Publications

  • Lundgren M, Steed LJ, Tamura R, Jonsdottir B, Gesualdo P, Crouch C, Sjöberg M, Hansson G, Hagopian WA, Ziegler AG, Rewers MJ, Lernmark Å, Toppari J, She JX, Akolkar B, Krischer JP, Haller MJ, Elding Larsson H. Analgesic antipyretic use among young children in the TEDDY study: no association with islet autoimmunity. BMC pediatrics. 17(1) : 127, 2017.
  • Hummel S, Beyerlein A, Tamura R, Uusitalo U, Andrén Aronsson C, Yang J, Riikonen A, Lernmark Å, Rewers MJ, Hagopian WA, She JX, Simell OG, Toppari J, Ziegler AG, Akolkar B, Krischer JP, Virtanen SM, Norris JM. First Infant Formula Type and Risk of Islet Autoimmunity in The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) Study. Diabetes care. 40(3) : 398-404, 2017.
  • Yang J, Tamura RN, Aronsson CA, Uusitalo UM, Lernmark Å, Rewers M, Hagopian WA, She JX, Toppari J, Ziegler AG, Akolkar B, Krischer JP, Norris JM, Virtanen SM, Agardh D. Maternal use of dietary supplements during pregnancy is not associated with coeliac disease in the offspring: The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) study. The British journal of nutrition. 117(3) : 466-472, 2017.
  • Ivanova A, Tamura R, N. A two-way enriched clinical trial design: combining advantages of placebo lead-in and randomized withdrawal. Statistical Methods in Medical Research (in press). , 2015.
  • Tamura R, N, Liu X. Power estimation using the exemplary dataset for ordinal data in the presence of non-proportional odds. Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research. 7: 106-114, 2015.
  • Bradfield S, M, Sandler E, Geller T, Tamura R, N, Krischer J, P. Glutamic acid not beneficial for the prevention of vincristine neurotoxicity in children with cancer. Pediatric Blood and Cancer. 62: 1004-1010, 2015.
  • Chen Y, Zhang Z, Tamura R, Chen C. A sequential enriched design for target patient population in psychiatric clinical trials. Statistics in Medicine. 33: 2953-2967, 2014.
  • Ivanova A, Tamura R. Letter to the Editor: The doubly randomized delayed-start design is the same as the sequential parallel comparison design, Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics. 23: 709-710, 2013.
  • Prakash A, Lobo E, Kratochvil C, J, Tamura R, N, Pangallo B, A, Bullok K, E, Quinlan T, Emslie G, J, March J, S. An open-label safety and pharmacokinetics study of duloxetine in pediatric patients with major depression. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology. 22: 48-55, 2012.
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  • Huang X, and Tamura R, N. Comparison of test statistics for the sequential parallel design. Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research. 2: 42-50, 2010.
  • Pascuzzi R, M, Shefner J, Chappell A, S, Bjerke J, S, Tamura R, Chaudhry V, Clawson L, Haas L, Rothestein J, D. A phase II trial of talampanel in subjects with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. 11: 266-271, 2010.