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The Exposure Clinic at USF Health offers counseling to women regarding various exposures that may potentially cause harm to the pregnancy or child. Our team of certified genetic counselors and a maternal-fetal medicine specialist trained in teratology meet with each patient at all stages of pregnancy: preconception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Together, they provide patients and their doctors with the most accurate information regarding exposure risks in order to make informed choices regarding treatment and management with the goal of reducing birth defects and health complications.

We provide counseling on many common exposures:

  • Medications: blood pressure, seizure, anxiety, over-the-counter
  • Substances of abuse: tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana
  • Infections: Syphilis, CMV, listeria, Zika, parvovirus
  • Chemicals: lead, benzene, mercury, pesticides
  • Supplements: herbal, homeopathic, dietary
  • Other agents: radiation, heat, hypoxia

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Locations of Care

USF South Tampa Center
2 Tampa General Circle, 4th Floor
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TGH Brandon Healthplex
10740 Palm River Road, 4th Floor
Tampa, FL 33613