Research and Scholarly Activity

The Division of Allergy and Immunology is actively engaged in basic and clinical research. The Allergy/Immunology Laboratory in the Children's Research Institute focuses on immune dysregulation, primary immunodeficiency diseases, inflammatory cytokines following exposure to marine toxins and studies of T cell responses to vaccines.

Translational and Basic Science Research in Immunology 

Several faculty engage in translational and basic science research on the pathomechanisms, diagnostic and novel treatment strategies for immune dysregulation in primary immunodeficiencies.   

Dr. Jolan Walter’s group focuses on T and B cell dysregulation and tolerance checkpoints in variants of severe combined immunodeficiencies (SCID) with mutation of the recombination activating gene (RAG) in human and animal studies. Translational studies include the genetics of autoimmune cytopenias and national genetic screen for WHIM (warts, hypogammaglobilinemia, infections and myelokathexis) syndrome. Our research team is committed to promote targeted therapies in primary immunodeficiencies and immune dysregulation and bone marrow transplant and gene therapy for variants of SCID and combined immunodeficiencies.   

 Dr. Leiding is a national expert in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic granulomatous disease and primary immunodysregulatory diseases specifically STAT1 and STAT3 gain‐of‐function. She is Co‐lead of the Primary Immunodeficiency Treatment Consortium Protocol 6908: “Prospective Analysis of Auto‐Inflammation in Chronic Granulomatous Disease Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation.” Dr. Leiding’s lab focuses on mechanistic studies to identify the etiology and investigate the mechanisms of auto‐inflammation in chronic granulomatous disease and other primary immunodysregulatory diseases. Dr. Leiding also leads national and international efforts to develop mechanism based precision therapy and transplant strategies for treatment of STAT1 and STAT3 gain‐of‐function and other diseases of immunedysregulation.   

Carla Duff, CPNP-PC MSN CCRP IgCN is a national expert in Ig replacement therapy.  She has served as a co-investigator on various research protocols and has been the recipient of four unrestricted research grants.  Ms. Duff has been published over 30 times including multiple abstracts and publications in primary immune deficiency as well as co-authoring a nursing guide and subcutaneous immunoglobulin review. Ms. Duff is Adjunct Clinical Faculty at the University of South Florida College of Nursing. Ms. Duff is currently the president of the International Nurses Group in Immunodeficiency (INGID), immediate past chair of the Immune Deficiency Foundation Nurse Advisory Committee (IDF NAC), the immediate past chair of the credentialing committee of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), a program committee member for the Immunoglobulin National Society, and is a member the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP).   

Clinical Trials 

Our Allergy & Immunology Division is actively engaged in a number of pharmaceutical Phase III and Phase IV clinical trails leading to FDA approval for new immunoglobulin produces (both IVIG and SCIg) or changes in packet insert labeling. Our Division is also involved with studies in food allergy research. 

Recent Publications 

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