Pathology and Cell Biology

Class of 2025

Hometown: Naples, FL

Field of Interest: Renal Pathology 

Why USF: Exposure to multiple different practice settings and the accompanying range of specimens. All pathology services can operate independently without residents, meaning everything you do is in your educational interest.

Hobbies: Computer networking, listening to music, relaxing at home

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

Field of interest: Forensic Pathology (at the moment)

Why USF:  I am an alumnus of USF and have only heard great things about the USF Path program. Had a great experience in Tampa, closer to home/family.

Hobbies: Nothing specific at the moment, but have been interested in Theology, Christian Hip Hop, Battle Rap, Star Trek (currently on Voyager), Theater (I like watching plays)

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Field of interest: Breast Pathology

Why USF: USF offered a program comparable to large name universities with regards to specimens and education with the addition of a resident-centered curriculum. Though they do make good pathologists, they also make great people.

Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, crochet, raising chickens, crosswords