Musculoskeletal Oncology Fellowship

Program Structure & Educational Goals

The orthopaedic oncology fellowship training program at Moffitt Cancer Center/University of South Florida, currently consists of two orthopaedic oncologists who devote their time to teaching and supervising fellows in orthopaedic oncology. The teaching staff participates in clinical discussions, rounds, conferences and didactic lectures to promote the spirit of inquiry and scholarship. Interdisciplinary journal clubs and research conferences given on a monthly basis are also part of the training process. Residents will receive training in radiology and pathology pertinent to orthopaedic oncology. The faculty participates in national, professional, and scientific societies including MSTS, SSO, AAOS and FOS. The faculty will provide guidance and technical support for fellows involved in research activities.

Clinical Block Schedule

The attending orthopaedic oncologists are Dr. G. Douglas Letson, Program Director, and Dr. David Cheong. Education on this service will focus on adult orthopaedic oncology, and the fellow treats patients for benign and malignant soft tissue and bone tumors. Approximately 100 patients are seen weekly by these two physicians.

  Monday 1st & 3rd Tuesday 2nd & 4th Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM Clinical Conference Clinic OR Research Academics OR OR Clinic Academic Research

PM Clinic OR Research Academics OR OR Multidisciplinary Tumor Board
Pediatric OR

Educational Block Schedule

Name of Session Date/Frequency Topics Department Responsible Role of fellow
Oncology Pre-Op Conference Monday, weekly Review of problem cases of the week Moffitt Sarcoma Program Presenter, participant
Selected Topics in Radiology Monday, weekly Review of selected MSK radiology topics Moffitt Sarcoma Program Participant
Review of consults Monday, weekly Review consultations with ortho oncologist Moffitt Sarcoma Program, MSK Radiologist Present cases, prepare correspondence
Tumor Board Thursday, weekly Review  pre-op, post-operative malignant cases Sarcoma Medical Onc, Pathologist, Radiologist Surgeons Radiation Onc Presenters
Post-operative Conference Thursday, weekly Review all cases from surgery that week Sarcoma Program Presenters, participant
M&M Conference 1st Friday of month M&M cases Orthopaedics Presenters, participant
Musculoskeletal Oncology Course June/annually Bone and soft tissue pathology Pathologists, radiologists, orthopaedic oncologists Attendees
MSTS Meeting May/annually Dural plaques, allograft revisions, Micro CT scans Orthopaedic oncology Attendee, Presenter
Journal club 1st Thursday, Monthly 4-6 articles Orthopaedic oncology Presenter
Core Lectures Friday, Weekly Grand Rounds, Basic Science, Core lectures Orthopaedic faculty, residents, fellows Presenter, learner


Didactic sessions include weekly participation in the Department of Orthopaedics Core Lecture Series, which are held every Friday from 7am-11am and a monthly journal club. Grand Rounds are held Friday mornings from 8am -9am, which is part of the Core Lecture Series.

All fellows based at the Moffitt Cancer Center attend the Fellows Multidisciplinary Conference which is held once a Month. The purpose of the conference is to provide the fellows with the current information related to different cancer types and treatment modalities and includes participation among faculty members across different disciplines: Surgical Oncology, Hematology, Pathology, Radiology.

Moffitt Cancer Center has a number of standing seminars that promote interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and inspiration. Seminars are scheduled by a variety of departments and individuals including Associate Center Directors, Program Leaders, Conference Planning, and Faculty Affairs. Seminars are open to all faculty and staff and are widely advertised. Fellows are given the opportunity to attend any of the research seminars anytime during their Fellowship. These sessions are held at the Cancer Center at various times through the year. Notification of upcoming seminars and lectures are announced in the Moffitt Research Institute (MRI) Signals, which is an internal communication for the research faculty & staff of the Moffitt Cancer Center. Fellows can sign up to receive this notification directly in their outlook inbox. In addition, the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Research Project Coordinator forwards all relevant information to the Fellows via email. Brief descriptions of the seminar series are described below. These are optional conferences for fellows.

Moffitt Cancer Center Grand Rounds - A premier weekly lunchtime seminar for all clinical and scientific faculty and staff. While many speakers are national experts invited from other institutions, on occasion, outstanding Moffitt faculty also present their latest findings. The faculty Grand Rounds Committee, with the help of Conference Planning, schedules and coordinates the speakers. CME credits are available, and this series attracts a broad range of faculty, from medical oncologists to basic scientists. The planning committee includes representation from basic science, clinical investigations and cancer prevention and control.

Basic Science Grand Rounds - These are bi-weekly seminars by external scientists of interest, collaborating faculty from other institutions and colleagues visiting the Center. Program Leaders and Search Committees organize and coordinate the presentations. They typically target specific areas of investigation and innovation, highlight active collaborations and spur developing collaborations between Moffitt Cancer Center members working together on a specific disease, target, pathway, population or other focus points of collaborative interest. Institutional funds support Research Grand Rounds, as well as Grand Rounds described above, a visible commitment to sharing and stimulating ideas and discussion.

Grand Rounds In Population Sciences (GRIPS) - Sponsored by Dr. Sellers, the Associate Center Director for Cancer Prevention and Control, and consists of topical presentations to a wide range of faculty and staff who are involved in cancer prevention and control research. The group meets monthly for a luncheon presentation. Outside speakers are also invited as the opportunity arises. The series provides a forum for discussion and an opportunity to share information and accomplishments. Depending on the topic, attendees may come from Moffitt Cancer Center members and staff in clinical and/or clinical research areas, as well as from many areas of the USF campus. This forum reaches the most diverse group of all the seminars.

Research in Progress - This series highlights the wide variety of current research of post-docs and faculty at the Moffitt Cancer Center. Each program hosts a "Research in Progress" series open to anyone who is interested. These series are informal discussions of recent data and provide a forum for collaborative discussion, feedback and question and answer sessions. The forum always includes discussions by present faculty regarding how the speaker's research fits into current program development and how collaborations with other members can be formed or expanded. Speakers are coordinated by each of the Program Leaders.

Special Guest Speaker Series - These are special one-time seminars are often scheduled as needed by the programs and cores. These meetings are scheduled as needed and reflect a wide range of research interests. Often, the speaker is a candidate for recruitment.

Cancer Biology Seminars - These seminars include research in progress, dissertations defenses by our postdoctoral students. This series also includes special guest speaker seminars by committee chairs of our graduate students who are often from other institutions.

Rotation Objectives

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