Musculoskeletal Oncology Fellowship


The Office of Graduate Medical Education at Moffitt Cancer Center provides research support of a full-time Research Project Coordinator who is responsible for facilitating and increasing the research focus and productivity of Moffitt Cancer Center’s trainees. This position provides guidance and training on regulatory issues relevant to fellows conducting research involving human subjects and issues associated with research performance. Services include regularly scheduled training sessions on relevant regulatory topics, development of resource materials, both print and web based, liaison between the residents and the governing bodies that must review and oversee the conduct of research including the Moffitt SRC, USF IRB, FDA, DHHS, etc. This position also provides administrative support related to the submission of abstracts and manuscripts, which involves reviewing and editing for accuracy on regulatory information as well as formatting based on specific guidelines. This position functions as the primary point of contact for all administrative and regulatory issues associated with research.

  • The GME Research Project Coordinator provides each Fellow a copy of the Fellows’ Research Regulatory Compliance Handbook. This handbook was written and compiled for the purpose of aiding the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Fellows at Moffitt Cancer Center through the clinical research process. It is not intended to replace established policies or procedures of Moffitt Cancer Center (MCC), relevant departments within it, University of South Florida (USF) Division of Research Integrity and Compliance (DRIC) or those of Federal Agencies. Rather, this handbook represents a compilation of guidelines most relevant to GME Fellows’ needs, providing them with a single source document to facilitate their research efforts. The handbook was developed with the help of staff from various departments within Moffitt. Much of the information contained in this handbook has been excerpted from federal, state, and local regulatory publications including website information and policies and procedures of MCC and USF DRIC; therefore, the author makes no claims of originality or ownership of it.

Moffitt Cancer Center has a number of effective standing seminars that promote interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation and inspiration. Seminars are scheduled by a variety of departments and individuals including Associate Center Directors, Program Leaders, Conference Planning, and Faculty Affairs. Seminars are open to all faculty and staff and are widely advertised. Fellows are given the opportunity to attend any of the research seminars anytime during their Fellowship. These sessions are held at the Cancer Center at various times through the year. Notification of upcoming seminars and lectures are announced in the Moffitt Research Institute (MRI) Signals, which is an internal communication for the research faculty & staff of the Moffitt Cancer Center. Fellows can sign up to receive this notification directly in their outlook inbox. In addition, the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Research Project Coordinator forwards all relevant information to the Fellows via email.