Musculoskeletal Oncology Fellowship

Application Procedures

The University of South Florida, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery will provide one (1) ACGME-accredited MSK fellowship position each academic year. The deadline for application is December 1. The MSK Fellowship Match is administered by the San Francisco Match program. For further information regarding the application process, please go to their website (

Applications should be received 20 months prior to the start of the fellowship year. Interviews are conducted in January or February of the ensuing year. A great deal of emphasis will be placed on the interviews. Each applicant will be interviewed by the full time faculty. Applicants will then be ranked and then submitted to the match, which will be in compliance with the recruitment and selection of the USF MCOM policies.

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Ann Joyce, MS 
Resident and Fellowship Coordinator | University of South Florida 
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery | 5 Tampa General Circle, #710 |Tampa, FL 33606 
Interoffice – USF HMT 710 | Ph: 813-253-2068 | Fx: 813-254-4113 |