Cost of Attendance

Estimated Tuition/Fees (Based on values for 2017-18 academic year)

Enrollment Term Summer 1 Fall 1 Spring 1 Summer 2
Fall 2 Spring 2
Credit Hours 7 13 16 5 12 7
Resident $3,057 $5,671 $6,965 $2,194
$5,239 $3,132
Non-Resident $6,177 $11,465 $14,097 $4,423
$10,588 $6,252

Program Specific Fees

Course Fees

Some courses within the Athletic Training Curriculum require individual program specific fees to fund specialized expendable supplies, cost of certifications, etc. The specific program fees are listed below by course number/name. The fees will be charged with the standard University tuition/fees bill.

Year 1
ATR 5105C Athletic Training Techniques $50.00
ATR 5125 Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice
ATR 5185 Clinical Experience I
ATR 5825 Clinical Experience II
  Total Year 1 $150.00
Year 2
ATR 6835 Clinical Experience III $25.00
ATR 6226 Advanced Athletic Training
ATR 6845 Clinical Experience IV $50.00
  Total Year 2 $100.00
Fingerprinting/Background Check (Upon admission) $65.00
Liability Insurance
Required Clinical Attire

Scholarship Information

The program offers two scholarships

  1. David "Doc" Leffers Scholarship awarded to a rising 2nd year Athletic Training Student who has demonstrated the potential to become an outstanding Athletic Trainer. (up to 2 awarded annually)
  2. Kennedy Family Endowed Scholarship for Athletic Training awarded to Athletic Training Students who have demonstrated leadership and community service initiatives and accomplishments related to and that have benefited the Athletic Training Program at the University of South Florida and positively promoted the profession of Athletic Training. (up to 4 awarded annually)

Each award is $1,000 and is awarded at the Athletic Training banquet in early May of each year. More information about the scholarships can be found here.

Financial Aid

All financial aid information can be found at

Total Cost of Attendance (COA) spreadsheet for Financial Aid calculation can be found here.