About the Program

Knee ExamOverview / Description

The USF Morsani College of Medicine Master of Science in Advanced Athletic Training requires a total of 33 credits, including 11 courses. The program is designed to be completed in two years. The format of the program includes 10 courses that are taught completely online and one that is a hybrid with an on-campus, intensive 5-day session in the summer.

This graduate-level, post-professional program is directed towards students who either hold the athletic training credential issued by the Board of Certification (BOC) or who are BOC-eligible or have equivalent athletic training professional preparation and are either working professionals who currently hold employment and wish to seek an advanced degree; or graduate students who would be able to obtain a degree through USF with minimal interference of their clinical assignment at another institution that does not offer a graduate degree of their interest.

The academic program is not clinical in nature. As such, individuals who demonstrate proof of BOC eligibility without completion of certification are qualified to enroll in the curriculum as long as they have met all of the other admissions criteria. Individuals who have graduated from an International program that offers a degree equivalent to that of the certified athletic trainer may also apply. A thorough review of one’s program and course descriptions will be performed to determine if equivalent pre-requisite competency exists.

Why choose our program?


The majority of the program’s courses are offered in an online format, and students are only required to come to the Tampa campus of USF for one five-day session during the summer. This affords athletic trainers a great deal of flexibility to earn a graduate degree with minimal interference to work and personal responsibilities.

Students from around the United States and the world are able to interact and engage in an asynchronous learning environment. No matter what time zone you are in, you can actively participate in our classes! We welcome international students with the requisite background in athletic training to apply.

USF’s College of Medicine

This graduate program is the only one of its kind in the profession of athletic training that is housed in the Morsani College of Medicine. Read more about learning in the USF College of Medicine.

Specialization in Youth Sport Injury

Our curriculum has been specifically designed to prepare athletic trainers to address the needs of the youth athlete. This is the only program of its kind to solely focus an entire sequence of courses for this population. There is a growing demand for athletic trainers at both the high school and middle school levels as well as with youth club sports that calls for athletic training education relevant to young athletes. In this program, students will gain valuable knowledge about developing and implementing effective injury prevention programs in settings such as schools and club sports organizations, as well as learning how to incorporate evidence-based research into their clinical practice. Through courses like Youth Injury Epidemiology, Preventing Sudden Death in Youth Sports, and Evidence-Based Research and Writing, graduates of this program will be equipped to meet the specific athletic training needs of the young active population. Learn more about our courses here.

Expert Diverse Faculty

USF’s graduate athletic training program is taught by some of the most experienced and well- respected athletic trainers in the profession. Participants will interact with some of the best educators and clinicians while expanding their professional network.

Capstone Project

Our program includes a unique Capstone Project- instead of a thesis. The goal is for the students to design projects that will be meaningful to them and useful - in either their current work setting or for a future professional position. The topic will be chosen by each student and is not dictated by the research areas of the faculty. Students can begin to think about the project at the start of the program, but will have two classes spread over the second fall and spring semesters during which they will complete the work for the project. If you have a unique and specialized research interest, our program will allow you to explore it!.

Visit Tampa, Florida!

As a participant in this program, you will have the opportunity to spend one full week on University of South Florida’s beautiful campus in Tampa! During this time you will take part in an outstanding interactive Athletic Training Contemporary Issues class with leaders of the athletic training profession. This experience will be invaluable toward developing your professional networking portfolio. 

In addition to the academic and professional interactions, we will plan social activities for everyone as a group during the week so that you can enjoy all that Tampa has to offer during your time here.