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Non-Surgical Procedures

Conservative therapies are available for treating pelvic floor problems, These have varying success rates, but can help some women avoid surgery.

  • For pelvic organ prolapse (Cystocele, rectocele, enterocele, dropped bladder), our surgeons may offer
    • pessary therapy

  • For women with overactive bladder symptoms, we offer
    • medications - e.g., Detrol, Vesicare, Ditropan, Enablex,
    • bladder retraining and Biofeedback
    • Pelvic floor physical therapy

  • For women with stress urinary incontinence, we offer
    • incontinence pessaries,
    • physical therapy

  • For women with Fecal Incontinence we offer
    • Dietary modifications,
    • physical therapy,
    • Medications

  • For women experiencing painful intercourse, we offer
    • Physical therapy
    • Botox therapy, combined with physical therapy