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Urogynecology Procedures: Cystoscopy

The cystoscopy test allows us to take a look inside your bladder. Your doctor will be able to evaluate your bladder lining as well as look for any structural abnormalities. You will be placed in a chair that lies back. After cleansing the urethral opening off with Iodine (if not allergic), the nurse will place a clear gel inside your urethra to help numb before doing this test. Sometimes you might feel a slight burning sensation as this is being done. No needles are involved in this process. After letting the numbing medicine take effect, your doctor will pass a small scope into your urethra and slowly advance it into your bladder. The scope has a light and camera attached to the end so you will be able to see inside your bladder during this process. Once in place, your bladder will be filled with sterile saltwater. In order to better see the lining of your bladder, so that the whole bladder can be seen. The bladder resembles a balloon, when empty, is hard to see what is all contained inside. When filled, it gently stretches the tissue out so your doctor can see all areas. During this time you may get the sensation you need to urinate. This sensation is normal. After your doctor is done, the scope will be removed and you will be able to urinate in the chair we did the procedure in. Burning with urination and some irritation is normal for up to 24-48 hours after the procedure. If it last past that you need to notify the office. The procedure itself takes only 5-10 minutes. The nurse will offer you an antibiotic tablet prior to the procedure to reduce the risk of infections.