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Book of the Month: Contributions to the Field

Evoluation of an Academic Department
By Barry S. Verkauf

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Dr. Verkauf rejoins the faculty of the College of Medicine, having previously been a charter member of the faculty in 1974 through 2003. One of the first Board Certified reproductive endocrinologists in the Southeast, he established a private practice of reproductive endocrinology and infertility in 1980, was an early adopter of new and proven valuable, rapidly advancing technologies in his field, introducing them to the Tampa Bay area and the west coast of Florida. He is responsible for the first IVF live birth from the State of Florida. He was the founding member of the Reproductive Medicine Group, one of the largest and most prominent groups in this specialty in the Southeast.

About the Book

The healthcare industry and its professional practice are currently in uncertain times, as the outcome of hotly debated "healthcare reform" is awaited. While the magnitude of potential change may be unchallenged, the past century has been one of continual change for the medical profession and its practice. The rapidity of this change has continually increased with emerging technologies and changes in the social fabric of society. Like individuals who comprise them, organizations reactively or proactively respond to the needs and exigencies of the external environment surrounding it. Adaptability to change is necessary for survival. This book is the story of that adaptation as it relates to a particular type of organization – "The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology," the first clinical department at the University of South Florida School of Medicine. The need for adaptation has required capable leaders to recognize and implement needed change in order for this department to survive and be successful. This book focuses on those leaders, the timeliness of their presence, their unique skills and their accomplishments.