Ingram Spellacy Society


ISS Members and Bylaws

Levels of Membership

Membership in the Society is open to all current and former residents, fellows, faculty and physicians associated with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at USF. There are four classes of members, as follows:

  • Founding Member: Those members who have made a lump-sum contribution of at least $1000 during 2010 or 2011 to become a lifetime member shall be designated as Founding Members. Founding Members shall enjoy life membership in the Society and shall be exempt from annual donations.
  • Life Member: Those members who make a lump sum contribution of at least $1000.00 at any time after 2011. They shall be exempt from annual donations thereafter.
  • Annual Member: Those members who pay the annual donation assessed by the Society.
  • Honorary Member: Current medical residents, fellows, retired physicians and other extraordinary physicians proposed by the executive committee which the society wishes to honor may be designated as honorary members and shall be exempt from payment of donations. Honorary membership status is determined annually at the annual business meeting.

Membership Benefits

Benefits of being a member of the Ingram/Spellacy Society:

  • Networking opportunity among colleagues and friends for both professional and personal purposes
  • Opportunity to see upcoming residents who might be potential partners or addition to ones practice
  • All ISS members are invited to the residency graduation dinner each year
  • Invitation reduced or no cost to special events put on by the society with featured guest speaker such as Dr. Norman Gant
  • The self satisfaction of helping one's alma mater

Potential future benefits:

  • Increased access to CAMLS simulation center
  • Departmental newsletter and research activity updates
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