Neurology Residency Program

PGY4 Residents

Class of 2021

Medical school: University of Jordan, Amman Jordan  

I was born in Kuwait. My family moved to Denver, Colorado, then across the world to Auckland, New Zelandand and finally ended up settling in Amman, Jordan. I grew up and spent the  majority of my life in Amman, where I met, and ended up getting married to my high school sweetheart. I attended medical school at the University of Jordan. I did an away clerkship in Neurology at Mount Sinai Miami Beach and at USF, where I absolutely fell in love with Florida, and eventually ended up coming back to do my residency at USF. I spend most of my free time with my lovely wife and our precious son Amir. We like to travel, cook and try new recipes, and I also like to fix things. I plan to stick around at USF, where you stay forever, to complete a Clinical Neurophysiology fellowship.  

I chose USF Neurology for what is has to offer from the diversity amongst trainees and also patient populations form all over the Tampa Bay Area. And the uniqueness and complexity of cases among the different hospitals we train in; including 2 VA hospitals, a 1000 bed tertiary academic center (with amazing water views) and the world class Moffitt Cancer Center. The structure of the program that balances between clinical work and protected academic time, the high volume and diversity amongst our patient population, in addition to the collegiality between residents, and the approachability of our faculty members all make our learning experience second to none. Add to that the unbeatable Florida beaches and sunshine.. I mean, common! Are you still thinking?

Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

College: University of Florida  

Born in Marietta, Georgia, I grew up on a lake surrounded by acres of woods. My family is from Alexandria, Egypt which makes me a first-generation American, much like many of my co-residents. I went to high school and swam competitively for US Swimming in Fort Lauderdale before getting my Bachelor’s in Microbiology at the University of Florida in Gainesville. There I sang and played guitar for several bands, including a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band. I spent a year researching Botox injections for post-stroke spasticity before getting my Osteopathic Medical degree at LECOM here in Florida.

I’ve now spent four amazing years with USF Neurology and I’m happy to call them my family. I’ve learned invaluable lessons, made life-long friendships, and really forged my hands in the practice of Neurology. Now, I spend my free time out on the beautiful Tampa Bay water either wake-surfing, fishing, or just lounging in the sun with friends. I am applying for a fellowship in Interventional Pain Medicine.    

Medical School: University of South Florida

College: University of Florida

Although I was born in New York, I was raised in Florida for most of my childhood and adult life. My family originally hails from India, although both of my parents were born in Tanzania where there happens to be a huge immigrant Indian community. In college, I majored in Biology with a minor in Actuarial Science. Among my hobbies are learning foreign languages, biking, playing basketball, creative writing, and writing poetry. I happen to be self-taught in Persian, Arabic, Urdu, and Spanish; I can read French as well, although I am still working on learning to speak it. I plan to stick around at USF to complete a fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology. 

I find this program to be amazingly diverse and filled with tons of variety in the patient demographics you see on a daily basis. You see geriatric populations at James Haley and Bay Pines VA, underserved/urban patients at TGH and Healthpark, oncology at Moffitt, pediatrics at All-Children's Hospital, and high to middle-income folks at Morsani. Nonetheless, the patient volume is manageable and there is an air of camaraderie among all residents in ensuring the best neurological care for all patients. The faculty we have here are also top-notch and excellent clinical mentors and academic teachers. I can unwaveringly say that if I could go back in time, I would still select this residency program as my top choice for my neurology training. 

Medical School: St. George’s University, Northumbria University

College: University of Rochester  

I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey in between the two continents Asia and Europe, and spent most summers in Izmir playing in the Mediterranean Sea. After finishing my high school Uskudar American Academy as a valedictorian and completing a degree in Violin at the Istanbul Bakirkoy Music Conservatory, I got a scholarship to pursue my undergraduate degrees in the United States and attended University of Rochester in NY. I double majored in Neuroscience B.S. and Psychology B.A., completed an independent study year in Economics, and graduated magna cum laude. I received a scholarship to start medical school in England and returned to US for my clinical rotations. After interviewing at many programs all around the US, without a doubt USF was my number one choice (for many reasons as below). My favorite things in life are going to the rock and metal concerts (shout-out to Tool, Radiohead and RHCP fans!), spending an entire day at the beach or on a boat, and cooking for my friends (followed by some Turkish coffee). I will be doing my Epilepsy fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.  

Why I Chose USF Neurology? USF Neurology is truly a family, in a beautiful city (beaches and boat parties all year long!) with an extremely strong and competitive program (each year’s RITE percentiles are amongst the top in the country and all resident pursue the choice of their fellowship). Practicing mainly in two big academic centers (TGH and JAHVA) with interdepartmental rounds and conferences, from the beginning of the residency program as an intern, you feel like a part of the USF family within both the Internal Medicine and Neurology departments. Our program director is dedicated to our education, passionate about supporting residents’ wellbeing, actively seeking ways to make any changes necessary with all residents’ individual inputs year-round. Every single one of our attendings are extremely approachable, knowledgeable, supportive (academically and individually) and make this a truly outstanding program. The learning environment is very rich and nurturing, involving medical students and residents from many other departments rotating with us all year long. I have a passion for teaching thus having the opportunity to teach and learn on a daily basis is very satisfying and valuable for my future goals as an academic clinician. We are exposed to many subspecialties in Neurology (inpatient and outpatient, including but not limited to Neuro-Oncology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Multiple Sclerosis, Movement Disorders, Headache, Interventional Pain, Clinical Neurophysiology, Surgical Epilepsy, Neuro-Critical Care, Interventional Neuro-Radiology, Sleep) and have ample time to pursue research, attend national conferences and have clinical exposure in these fields during our elective rotations. If I had to choose a residency again with all options available, it would be USF every single time. Moving forward I will always think of ways to give back to USF Neurology as they have given me the best education and support that I could have ever hoped for.

Medical School: Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Graduate School: University of Nebraska Medical Center  

I was born and raised in a town in northwestern China, on the old Silk Road.  I attended medical college at Tongji University in Shanghai, where I was exposed to advanced research in neuroscience in collaboration with world renown scientists in the US. This prompted my decision to pursue further training in neuroscience research in the US and attained Ph.D in neurovirology under the mentorship of  Drs. Gendelman and Poluekotva. It was a great fortune to join USF neurology residence program after my intern year in Connecticut. The rigorous training and wonderful supporting system in education and research prepare trainees to excel. More impo rtantly, the feeling of being surrounded and supported by people like families is a unique experience. 

I enjoy spending time with my wife who was a former graduate from this program, and my son. I like biking on Bayshore to work so I feel refreshed in the morning and relaxed after work. Reading, modeling, swimming and traveling are the other things I enjoy. I have profound interests in clinical care and research in neurocritical care and neurointervention. I will continue my new journey at Duke University for neurocritical care fellowship training in 2021. Will certainly miss the lovely city and people here.

Medical School: University of South Florida  

I was born in São Paulo Brazil and moved to Pompano Beach Florida when I was young. I worked as a special need therapist while in grad school. Through my work with these children who suffered from epilepsy and autism, I was introduced to the world of Neurology. I subsequently received my Masters in molecular medicine and interdisciplinary medical science before completing medical school here at USF. After graduation, I will be completing my fellowship in vascular neurology here at USF and hope to obtain a position as a vascular neurologist at an academic institution. My free time is spent with my beautiful wife and our two children. I also enjoy working out, cooking, Miami Dolphins football, Muay Thai training and MMA. The Office is the best show in the history of television. Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.  

Medical School: Saint Georges University

College: Tufts University  

I was born in Naples, FL and grew-up in Fort Myers, FL with a brother and a sister. I attended Tufts University and majored in Political Science. Following college and before pursuing neurology, I worked in business development for a publicly traded healthcare company. Prior to joining USF Department of Neurology residency program, I completed one year of clinical training on the stroke service at University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. Most of my free-time is spent with my wife and two daughters in Fort Myers. Outside interests include political philosophy, The Great Books and fishing.

Medical School: University of South Florida

 I was born and raised in Tampa, FL. I'm a USF medical school grad who stuck around for residency. The rumors are true - USF stands for "U Stay Forever" because it's hard to beat this program and city. I spend most of my free time entertaining my puppy, Olive, with days at the dog beach, walks around the city on the Riverwalk and doggy play dates at one of the many local dog parks. After I graduate I'll be pursuing a fellowship in neurophysiology at Rush University in Chicago so I can reunite with my husband who's currently a cardiology fellow there!  

Why choose USF Neurology Residency? I chose USF Neurology for my residency because I felt like it offered the perfect balance. Tampa General Hospital is a high volume hospital that serves the entirety of the Tampa Bay Area allowing plenty of bread and butter cases. But it's also a tertiary referral center for numerous local (and some not so local) hospitals so there's plenty of opportunity to see more rare pathology too. In spite of the high volume, academic time is well structured (and protected!) so as residents , we have a chance to focus on both book learning and clinical application. What I wound up loving most about the program though over these last 3 years, are the people. Our faculty, mid level providers, administrative and support staff are incredibly helpful and warm (I guess year-round sunshine has that effect). While I'll be completing fellowship elsewhere, I'll always feel like USF is my home.