NanoBio Collaborative International


2018 Nano-Bio Collaborative International Conference
“Advances in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology”

Tampa, FL – January, 19-20, 2018 
USF Marshall Center, 4103 Cedar Circle, Tampa, FL

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  On or before
January 2,2018
January 2,2018
Invited Speakers
USF/FAMU College of Pharmacy Faculty/Staff
USF/FAMU Students & PostDocs Complimentary
Non-USF/FAMU Students & PostDocs  $25 $50
General Admission (not affiliated with USF/FAMU College of Pharmacy)  $100    $150 
*Gold Sponsor (includes registration and ad w/ logo in program)  $2,000
*Green Sponsor (includes registration and ad w/ logo in program)  $1,000

**Green & Gold sponsors help support student attendees

Registration includes: Full admission to conference, continental breakfast, lunch, program and conference tote. 

Disclaimer: The Conference schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice.  All efforts will be made to present the program as printed on this website. The Conference and its agents reserve the right to alter without prior notice, any of the arrangements, timetables, plans or other items relating to the meeting, for any cause beyond its reasonable control. The Conference agents shall not be liable for any airfare, hotel or other costs incurred as a result of planning to attend or attending the conference.  The conference is intended as an informational and networking opportunity.