Residency Program

Clerkship Electives

2 Week Rotation

Faculty: Dr. Anish Zachariah

This introduction to Emergency Medicine integrates clinical skills and evidence-based medicine through didactic lectures, observation, performance of clinical procedures, hands-on clinical experiences, and direct interaction with faculty, individual patients, and families. Students will manage the patient using the "team approach," which involves EMTs, nurses, physicians, and students. They are expected to evaluate patients, address their presenting complaints, initiate workups, and provide definitive therapies. There is also interactive simulated skills sessions ranging from suturing, central lines, lumbar puncture, and intubations.

This rotation will enrich students' knowledge, help them develop history-taking ability, physical skill assessment, and diagnostic and management skills, procedural skills, as well as help them develop a caring, compassionate, and empathetic attitude in dealing with patients and their families.

Because of the wide array or patients and pathology, the rotation is an excellent introduction to acute care and primary care medicine regardless of which ever field the student may be considering. It is required pre-requisite for those USF students considering Emergency Medicine as a career.


The student's grade is primarily based on daily attending evaluations but will incorporate quality case presentations, clinical skills evaluation, required attendance at emergency medicine conferences, and written testing.

Faculty: Catherine Carrubba, MD

FT, 44 hr wk 4 Dr. Catherine Carrubba The purpose of this elective is to give the student a broad exposure to the scope of prehospital emergency medical services.