Residency Program

AI / Visiting 4th Year


Welcome to the USF Emergency Medicine Acting Internship. This is the education experience for fourth year medical students of USF and students visiting on away rotations (VSAS/VSLO).

All shifts will take place at Tampa General Hospital. We have 3 adult “pods” and a Pediatrics pod, each with an attending physician and 1 or 2 EM residents and yourself. Our ED is modern, equipped with what you need to provide great care. Our ED features two dedicated CT scanners and an MRI in the ED. We also have a robust array of specialty services that we utilize as needed for consultation and specialty care. Our ED has 90,000 patient visits/year and climbing. We are a tertiary center that sees fascinating pathology, from transplant and LVAD patients to strokes and high acuity traumas. We work closely with our trauma service to manage severely injured patients. It is not uncommon to witness an ED thoracotomy while you rotate. Because there is no anesthesiology residency, we never have to compete with other specialties for airways.

Evaluations will be completed by paper evaluations that you have attendings complete at the end of each shift. You will save these and then turn them in at the end of the rotation.

The rotation will conclude with an end-of-rotation exam to assess your general knowledge in emergency medicine. This will feature questions from preparation materials for the EM in-service exam. Additionally, you will present an interest case that you encounter during your rotation. You will present to your peers and give a brief educational talk about a learning point from the case.

Student parking is nearby but off-site with shuttle service. Further information will be provided for rotators.

This course is intended to be an audition for your residency application. Completion of the rotation will allow us to author a standardized letter of recommendation (SLOR) – a necessary component of your ERAS application.

We will make an effort to have you rotate with core faculty such as the program director, associate program director, clerkship director, department chair, educational director, and other clinical faculty.

Scheduling will be prepared shortly before the rotation with the assistance of a senior resident liaison. Given the number of students in the department, we limit scheduling requests. Extraordinary circumstances will be dealt with individually. You will have plenty of days off to enjoy the city of Tampa and its surrounding beaches and activities. We want you to get a feel for the area as part of your consideration of our program for residency.

We will communicate with you to set an orientation date and time, but it almost always the morning of the first Monday of the rotation unless this conflicts with a major holiday. Scrubs or business casual are fine to wear to orientation. We will be touring the ED and getting your paperwork in order. Bring a driver’s license to get your TGH ID.

Your ED shifts will be range from nine to twelve hours in length and ideally match the attending schedule which varies by pod. We have grand rounds on Wednesdays at 07:00. You are expected to attend grand rounds even on Wednesdays where you don’t have a clinical shift.

Housing – we recommend a service such as Rotating Room or AirBNB. Look at maps to show where TGH is so that you can find housing in close proximity.

Dress code: Scrubs. You must bring your own scrubs and you will need at least three pair as they need to be clean and solid color, no motifs or patterns. Small insignias or embroidery is of course acceptable. White coats are optional but not required.

If you have any other questions/concerns, please send me an email.

We look forward to having you and hope you enjoy your experience with us here in Tampa.


Andrew Thomas, MD
Fourth Year Clerkship Director, USF Emergency Medicine