Emergency Medicine Research Team
24 Hour Research Phone: (813) 394-3025

  • Jason W. Wilson, MD, FAAEM Jason W. Wilson, MD, FAAEM
    Director of Research, Emergency Medicine
    (813) 843-2110

The Emergency Medicine Research Section serves two major functions under the direction of the research director, Jason W. Wilson, MD. First, the section is responsible for organizing and creating a longitudinal research curriculum for the residency program and tracking the publications and presentations by residents and faculty for submission yearly to the RRC. The curriculum includes education in the IRB and study creation process, evidence based medicine and statistical concepts, as well as a journal club that meets eight times per year along with a PGY-3 clinically appraised topic presentation that often results in a publication for the resident.

The emergency medicine research section also acts as the hub for ED based acute care inpatient hospital studies. Each year, we initiate 10 new sponsored clinical studies while maintaining 4-5 ongoing clinical studies in the research department. Patients are identified for studies using research assistants that work in the emergency department 24 hours a day, as well as clinical decision support tools in the electronic medical record. Working closely with Tampa General Hospital Office for Clinical Research, patients are followed throughout their hospital course and during subsequent visits at our onsite outpatient clinic. We also have 1-2 investigator initiated studies at a time – often created by residents with input and assistance from our core and clinical faculty.

Residents become involved in research and the research curriculum beginning their intern year but formerly rotate with the research section during their PGY-3 year. During that month, residents act in an administrative role as a liaison between research staff, student volunteers, and research assistants while also providing clinical guidance and assessment of research patients when appropriate for clinical studies.

Current & Pending Studies

Study Patients Sponsor Coordinator PI
Oseltamivir Flu in immunocomp Roche Chuck Dugan Alrabaa
Siemens Troponin Assay ACS/High Risk Chest Pain Siemens Ashley Bader Wein
INA 2013 Coral Snake Bite VIPR Ashley Bader Peredy
RE-VERSE AD 1321.3 pradaxa bleeds BI Chuck Dugan Wilson
ANNEXA-4 xarelto, eliquis, sayvasa, lovenox bleeds (factor Xa) Portola Ashley Bader Wilson
RELAX 2 AHF CHF Exacerbation Novartis Courtney Lee Kuteyeva
REMPEX505/506 cUTI, urosepsis REMPEX Ashley Bader Alrabaa
AREST TIA/Stroke with afib BI Bonnie Kirby Lebovitz
UPSTREAM NSTEMI Observational   Chuck Dugan Wilson
MERCURY PE Stable PE Janssen Chuck Dugan Wilson
RECOVERY (DVT/PE) DVT/PE Observational BI Chuck Dugan Wilson
HIV Testing in ED all corners DOH Jason Wilson Wilson
AFIB and ED LOS AFIB RVR None Unassigned Wilson
MARINER Patients admitted with complex medical problems, discharged on NOAC Janssen Chuck Dugan Wilson
Lefamulin Patients with cPNA Covance Ashley Bader Wilson

Recently Completed Trials

Study Patients Sponsor Coordinator PI
EZNG NG TUBE Right Biometrics Ricci App Wilson
Ignite 2 cUTI, pyelo Tetraphase Ashley Orban
Pradaxa Registry 1160.162 pradaxa bleeds BI Courtney Lee Wilson
Cameo FIR-096 Angioedema Shire Courtney Lee Wilson
ProCESS Sepsis NIH Darryl Denittles Orban