Emergency Medicine


Currently the evaluations are done on written evaluations

Click this link to download and print the evaluation for your daily shift evals

the shift evals are to be filled out and signed by the attending that you work with. Please make sure to pre-fill it with you name and other pertinent information of the shift at the bottom.

If told to use e-value use the following instruction:
https://www.e-value.net website.

Please note that the attending evaluations are CURVED for your final grade for you rotation. Thus getting 4's or 5's on usf-em or 3's on evalue doesn't by itself guarantee honors. Please submit evaluation requests by following the instructions below.

If told to use usf-em use the following instruction:
Go to USF-EM.com and use the log on information provided to you at the beginning of the month (The usual set up for the username is the First Initial followed by Last Name (ex John Doe would be JDoe)) (The password initially is set for: 1234 you should change on you first log in)

e-value Screenshot
The Home Screen

On the Home Scree you will find the link for the My Accounts Page and the My Demographics page
On the My Accounts Page you will be able to change your password
On the My Demographics Page you will need to upload you picture

e-value Screenshot
The My Accounts Section

Scroll to the bottom and change your password

e-value Screenshot e-value Screenshot
The My Demographics Page

scroll to the bottom and upload you picture

e-value Screenshot e-value Screenshot
The Evaluations Tab

To submit evaluations go to the evaluations tab and click the new evaluation request

e-value Screenshot

select the Evaluator that you worked with (this is the attending you worked your shift with)
select the date of your shift
select AECC if you worked on the adult side
select PECC if you worked on the pediatrics side
click of the procedures/diagnoses that you have see on this given shift

e-value Screenshot