Our Commitment

Emergency Medicine has a unique position in a healthcare system because of its involvement in pre-hospital programs for transport of patient to and between hospitals. Emergency Medicine serves as a gateway to the health care system. Fifty percent of all admissions to our 1000-bed primary teaching facility, Tampa General Hospital, receive their first care in the Emergency Department.

Synergistic efforts between Emergency Medicine faculty, local EMS systems, USF Health, and local institutions have made the academic program of USF one of the top in the nation.

As a specialty, Emergency Medicine continues its maturation process. Over the past decade, Emergency Medicine at USF has increased its extramural funding. The division is committed to conducting quality translational and clinical research and providing the necessary infrastructure for academic development.

Emergency Medicine at USF maintains a long-term commitment to actively promote relationships between Tampa General Hospital and community hospitals. In addition to the core academic campuses at the University of South Florida and at Tampa General Hospital, USF Health provides professional staffing at multiple other affiliated hospitals.