Digestive Diseases and Nutrition


  1. Development of the fundamental qualities of professional and ethical behavior, and humanistic attitudes. 

  2. Development of respect compassion and integrity in all interpersonal relationships. 

  3. Development of a sense of accountability to patients, society and the profession. 

  4. Respect for the confidentiality of patient information. 

  5. A commitment to excellence. 

  6. A commitment to lifelong learning. 

  7. A willingness to participate in a limited scope of care for pediatric patients when, in underserved areas, pediatric gastroenterology consultation is not available. 

  8. An understanding of the informed consent process and ability to apply this to obtaining informed consent for diagnostic procedures, therapy, and participation in research studies. 

  9. An appreciation of the moral values necessary to engage in satisfying and ethical professional interactions with colleagues and patients. 

  10. An understanding of and a commitment to ethical principles pertaining to business practices.