Fellowship Programs

Salary and Benefits

For information pertaining to Salaries and Insurance, please visit USF Health’s GME department.

Annual Leave

Annual (Vacation) Leave: All residents will receive a total of fifteen (15) weekdays of annual leave. (Vacation is pro-rated for trainees beginning mid-cycle).

Sick Leave

Residents will receive a total of nine (9) days of sick leave at the beginning of each appointment year. (Sick Leave is pro-rated for trainees beginning mid-cycle).

Parental Leave

Residents will receive (2) weeks of compensated parental leave per the birth of each child.

Bereavement Leave

In the event of death in the immediate family, the resident may be granted three (3) days of bereavement leave in order to attend the funeral and assist in the estate settlement.

Additional Benefits

Residents and Fellows can elect dental and vision coverage through People First. If you need information on Open Enrollment through People First please contact People First at 866-663-4735. (Please note that these are not a USF-GME funded benefits).

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