End of Life Center

Funding for End-of-Life Research

Center Graduate Research Assistantship

The Center provides $15,000 in assistantship funding for PhD students who are interested in pursuing end-of-life research. Students are competitively selected, and complete their own research projects as well as projects with the Center's community provider hospices. The following students have received graduate fellowships:

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Brianna Cusanno, Department of Communications, USF. Awarded  $15k

"Communicating Resilience in Hospice Care Teams"


Lindsay J. Peterson, School of Aging Studies, USF.  Awarded $15k

"Communicating with Family Concerning End-of-Life Care"


Patrick Dillon, Department of Communications, USF; Awarded $25k

"African-Americans and Hospice Care: Designing Culture-Centric Health Messages to Promote Informed Decision Making about End of Life Care"


Abdel Rahman E. Alkhalauf; College of Nursing, USF; Awarded: $25k

"Professional Quality of Life and Compassion Fatigue: A Hospice Team Intervention Study"

2010 - No awards

2009 - No awards

2008 - No awards

Jessica Allen, Department of Aging Studies, USF
"An Evaluation of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health as a Predictor of Six Month Survival for Dementia Patients."


Jillian Tullis-Owen, Department of Communication, USF
"The Role of Hospice Chaplains in Communicating Spirituality and Dying at the End-of-Life"


Elizabeth Bergman, Ph.D. student in Aging Studies, USF
"Hospice Bereavernet Service Utilization and Preferences Among Spouses in Three Hospices"


Christine Davis, Ph.D. student in Communication, USF
"Hospice Narratives: The Role of End-of-Life Communication in the Social Construction of Humanness Among Terminally Ill Hospice Patients"


Allison Burton, Ph.D. student in Aging Studies, USF
"Assessing Bereaved Former Hospice Caregivers in Two Hospices: Fessibility and Preliminary Data"

For information contact Lourdes Rodriguez at (813) 974-2460 or by email at LRodrig1@health.usf.edu