PhD Admissions FAQs

Program is currently closed for admissions.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Students Regarding the PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences Degree Program

Yes, this is a mentor-driven program. Finding a research mentor at the time of application would be highly beneficial, though not required.
The program is a research PhD. An elective course will be offered in teaching, and other practical teaching opportunities may be available.
Yes. A Master’s degree or first-professional Doctoral Degree in a rehabilitation sciences related discipline is required for admission to the program.
Program completion depends on number of credits taken per semester, satisfactory completion of requirements, and other factors. Three full years is the minimum amount of time in the program.

Prospective students can apply by going to the USF Admissions page and scrolling to the Rehabilitation Sciences entries.

The PhD program in Rehabilitation Sciences follows USF Graduate Studies policy. Applicants are admitted provisionally pending receipt of these missing items. The final, official transcripts documenting completion of the required degree prior to the start of graduate study at USF and test scores must be received before a second semester registration is permitted. During the first semester, the Office of Graduate Admissions will place a registration hold on the student's file. When the missing documents are provided to the Office of Graduate Admissions the registration hold will be removed.
Similar to most other research-based PhD programs, there is no specialized accreditor for this interdisciplinary/interprofessional PhD degree in Rehabilitation Sciences. The PhD program will undergo a formal Program Review every 7 years, pursuant to the Florida Board of Governors Regulation 8.015. The USF Graduate Council and Graduate School also conduct a program review every 3 years.
No. At this time, students are expected to enroll on a full-time basis.
This PhD program is designed for full-time students. The rigorous courses and requisite research efforts of the Ph.D. Program do not permit time for employment, either within or outside the university. However, under special circumstances, outside employment may be approved with prior permission of the Program Director.
Graduate Assistantships are available to selected students pending availability of extramural funding by university graduate faculty affiliated with the program and departmental resources. Students may apply for scholarships independently.

The PhD program in Rehabilitation Sciences adheres to the University of South Florida Graduate Studies policy regarding transfer of credits. Students should email any specific inquiries to: or speak to their mentor.