USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Center and Research Institute



The Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute was founded with caregivers in mind. While we continue the search for a cure, we know that caregivers are on the front-line dealing with the effects this disease has on their loved ones. It is part of our mission to provide the education and support necessary to help caregivers manage the day to day tasks and challenges of caring for a person with Alzheimer's or other memory problems.
The faculty and staff at the Byrd Institute has the expertise and compassion to help caregivers learn the information and skills needed to care for their loved one. Many of us working at the Byrd were inspired to this cause because of personal experiences with Alzheimer’s.  We understand the demands of the caregiver role and are here to help you along the way.

Due to COVID 19, we are not holding our support groups or workshops in the building. However, we are aware of the increased need for caregivers to connect,  get information and support during this difficult time. We are conducting our caregiver support group and workshops online and encourage you to attend. Please refer to the links on the left for the dates, topics and registration information.


We encourage you to take advantage of our support group, workshops and printed information. If you have any questions, please email  Eileen Poiley, MS, Director of Education or call 813-396-0635.