Web Address for Marketing Purposes


USF Health IS provides service that allows a “Vanity URL” that points to an existing USFHealth website for use in marketing campaigns and other situations that make a shorter, easier to remember URL a better choice.  

For example, when a user types in http://coph.health.usf.edu, the user could be directed to a website such as http://health.usf.edu/publichealth/.  This vanity web address can provide a college, department or organization a more marketable URL for their website than those dictated by web naming conventions.

Note: these only work as a prefix to the "health.usf.edu" site, such as *****.health.usf.edu. It will not apply to any .com, .org, or URLs following the health web address such "Http://health.usf.edu/*******". 

How to Request this Service

Visit the Client Portal to submit a request for this service. Please remember to be as detailed as possible so that Health IS can quickly fulfill the request.

Visit Client Portal

A service request can also be submitted by calling (813) 974-6288; emailing support@health.usf.edu; or visiting livechat.health.usf.edu.


There is no charge for this service


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