Software Solution Evaluation


When a new software solution is being considered for purchase by a department, an IT expert can help evaluate the product to determine its viability as a solution. Software viability options will typically be assessed for the following traits:

  • Ability to meet the business need
  • Budget guidelines
  • Compatibility with USF Health computing environment
  • Health IS resources required to install and maintain the system (if needed)
  • Ability to integrate with existing technologies (if needed)
  • Compliance with and adherence to USF and USF Health policies and procedures

How to Request this Service

Visit the Client Portal to submit a request for this service. Please remember to be as detailed as possible so that Health IS can quickly fulfill the request.

Visit Client Portal

A service request can also be submitted by calling (813) 974-6288; emailing; or visiting


No charge for this service.


  • Faculty

  • Staff

  • Other


Subject to resource availability.