Business Process Analysis


Health IS can help you streamline a process or reduce paper processes in your department by reviewing it and recommending an improved, more efficient process for the future, based on your needs and goals. This will help you consider the compliance requirements and business rules, then identify where you can gain efficiencies and higher-quality results. This service is the start to going paperless, increasing efficiency, reducing time to completion of processes, or facilitating the ability to track/report data about the process. The business analysts will facilitate the business process analysis by conducting interviews, observing the process, conducting surveys, and through other means. You may expect to receive documentation of your process along with recommendations for improvements toward your goals.

How to Request this Service

Visit the Client Portal to submit a request for this service. Please remember to be as detailed as possible so that Health IS can quickly fulfill the request.

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‚ÄčNo charge for this service. Subject to availability of resources to conduct the analysis.


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