Digital Signage Training


USF Health IS provides access and training to the Digital Signage system that consists of channel players that feed content to television screens mounted in various areas throughout the organization. The content displayed is generally pertinent information to the specific area where the screen is mounted, and other feeds (CNN, etc.) are displayed on many of these screens as well. The Digital Signage system is also used to disseminate emergency information for all of USF, and will alert people on campus of situations that could affect their safety. Customers are allowed to customize the content in their specific area, and have someone in their department trained to update, delete, and modify the content on the screen under their control.

How to Request this Service

Visit the Client Portal to submit a request for this service. Please remember to be as detailed as possible so that Health IS can quickly fulfill the request.

Visit Client Portal

A service request can also be submitted by calling (813) 974-6288; emailing; or visiting


‚ÄčThere is no charge for this service, but there is a charge for screens and hardware to setup the Digital Signage system in your area.


  • Faculty

  • Staff

  • Other


This service training is generally conducted during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm.


Technical assistance is available during normal business hours (M-F 8am-5pm) by calling our service desk at (813) 974-6288 or by selecting the "Submit a Support Request" or "Chat with a Support Tech" buttons on the right side of this page.