Shared Drive Access


University employees often need to collaborate on shared files such as Word, Excel, PDF and others for both administrative, clinical, and academic purposes. Health IS provides file sharing locations for inside your department and across other organizational units. Health IS staff will talk to you about your specific needs, allocate the shared space and provide secured access when shared drive access is requested.

How to Request this Service

Submit an account modification request so that the authorized signer for your area can approve the request.


​Departments are allocated a specific quota, once that quota is reached there is a charge for additional space based on the chart below. Cloud storage is also an option, and there is currently no charge for cloud storage.

Rate (monthly)
Storage without backup services $0.30/GB
Storage with backup services $0.70/GB
Box Storage Free
One Drive Storage Free


  • Faculty

  • Staff

  • Students

  • Other


Infrastructure is in place 24x7 except during advertised system maintenance, and remote access is also available.


Technical assistance is available during normal business hours (M-F 8am-5pm) by calling our service desk at (813) 974-6288 or by selecting the "Submit a Support Request" or "Chat with a Support Tech" buttons on the right side of this page.