Change Access to Departmental Resources


USF Health account holders are provided access to many college and departmental resources including file shares (G:\, S:\, and U:\ drives), email lists, security groups, data and analytics reports, and SharePoint sites. Access to these resources are provided centrally by Health IS with the approval of departmental authorized signers.

How to Request this Service

Submit an account modification request. For more information on how to fill out this request, see the IS Documentation Article


‚ÄčNo charge for this service


  • Faculty

  • Staff

  • Student

  • Vendor

  • Guest


Requests can be submitted 24x7 through the account modification request screen.


Technical assistance is available during normal business hours (M-F 8am-5pm) by calling our service desk at (813) 974-6288 or by selecting the "Submit a Support Request" or "Chat with a Support Tech" buttons on the right side of this page.

Options for this Service

  • Add/remove users from a security group
  • Add/remove users from a mail list
  • Add/remove users as administrator for a calendar resource
  • Add/remove users from a SharePoint site
  • Add/remove user access to D&A (formerly HART) reports
  • Add/remove users from a shared drive folder
  • Create new calendar resource
  • Create new mail list
  • Create new shared drive folder