Faculty & Staff New Account Request

This quick guide will provide you with instructions for requesting a USF Health account.

New Account Request - Faculty and Staff

The New Account request process is specific to a person's role. You will need the person's name, date of birth, and either Employee ID,GEMS ID, or U-Number. Questions will vary depending on the role you have selected and your responses to the questions.
New Account Request


Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk ( * ) and are case sensitive.

  1. Select the Role for the new account holder.

  2. Enter the Date of Birth.

  3. Enter the Source System ID.

    • Student - U-Number

    • Faculty & Staff - Employee ID or GEMS ID

    • Residents & Fellows - GEMS ID

  4. Click Submit Query.

    USF Health Account Request

  5. The system will try to validate the Name, Date of Birth and Source System ID.

    • If system is unable to validate information, a message will display with instructions on how to proceed.

      USF Health Account Request

    • If information is validated, the Create Account page will open. See Figure 2.

      USF Health Account Request

    Figure 2: Create Account page.

  6. Complete the requested fields.


    Required fields are marked with a red asterisk ( * ).

    External email address, Elementary School and 4 digit PIN are unique identifiers that you pick that you can use to reset your password, if necessary.

    If you had a previous Health account that will be your only option as a Health Account user name, if you are a new Health user you will be given several options to choose from as your user id.

    Your hscnet id is your USF Health Username. You will use this id to access the USF Health network.

  7. Click Submit.

    The following message will display: The account has been created. If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact the USF HEALTH Information Systems Support desk at (813) 974-6288, Option 2.


If you are the authorized signer submitting the request, you will need to log into the system and following the instructions for approving an account found in the Authorized Signer Process job aid.