How to Depart a Provider in Epic

In order for USF to ensure there are no medical record documentation gaps, outstanding care items, or incomplete charges, when a USF provider leaves the practice, please review and complete the form below. The items included on the form should be completed fully before the request is submitted.

  • All open encounters should be completed and closed prior to the provider’s Epic access is schedule to be inactivated. You can find the open encounters report per department by clicking on the following link - Once access has been inactivated, the provider will no longer be able to submit charges.
  • The schedules for the exiting provider will end on the term date. No appointments will be available after that. If you know the name of the provider who will be assuming the appointments or if there are any clinics or resources that the provider is associated with, please include these on the form.
  • Provider has remainder of the month of the last scheduled appointment plus one full month to complete all Inbasket messages, Rx renewal requests, and to close all open encounters before Epic access is termed. Example: If Departing Request Form is submitted on 2/15/16, provider has until 03/31/16 to complete above items.
  • Once the provider’s account has been inactivated, all “result review” inbasket messages will be sent to the providers primary department’s clinical pool for follow up. Clinical staff and department administrators may then forward these results to the assigned physician taking over the patient’s care.
  • Is it important to indicate if the provider will need to maintain his/her privileges at TGH. If the provider needs to keep the privileges at TGH, please note this on the departing form. If you are unsure if the provider will need to keep his/her current privileges, please provide a contact number on the form for the physician and Clinical Systems will reach out to the provider.
  • A separate request should be submitted for the creation of patient notification letters. Please refer to the PG051_Patient Notification of Physician Departure on the USFPG Clinical Operations SharePoint link.

    Please submit the completed form to

If you have any questions regarding the process, please email and Clinical Systems will follow up.