Service Overview

Your USF Health Box account provides a long list of features that will make collaboration and file storage easier for you. The list of features are below, and are specifically for the USF Health Box offering, and not Box accounts associated with your personal email address.

  • Mobile Access - Access your Box files on all your devices including your phone, tablet, and laptop.
  • Storage Space In The Cloud - Unlimited Storage for individual and group storage
  • Upload Large Files - 15GB size per file upload limit
  • Single Sign-On - Use your USF Health credentials to log into your Box account
  • File Access Updates - Keep track of activity on your files and folders to see what others may be doing with them
  • Full Text Search - Use Box to search within all of your documents and not just the titles
  • Online Document Edit - Open and Edit documents right from your browser without the need to download them to your device
  • File Locking - Lock files in your Box account to prevent others from editing them
  • Version History - Every time a file is edited in Box, the version number is changed and the last 100 versions are saved
  • File/Folder Permission Management - Set your own file and folder access permissions without the need for IT intervention

Store and Share Files

Once you have logged into your account, you can begin to create folders and upload and share files.

Upload and Share Files

Manage Files and Folders