Start with the USF Health Box Documentation if you haven't had a chance to setup your account.

Five common tasks you can use your USF Health Box Account For:

  1. Save photos or videos taken from your mobile device - The Box mobile application allows you to take and upload pictures and videos directly to a designated folder in your USF Health Box Account. Once you've uploaded a file, use the app to share it with others.
  2. Send someone a file that is too large to email - If you have a large email attachment, you can send a Box link to the file with downloading permissions enabled. This will allow the person you are sending the file to full access to the file without being forced to send versions of the file back and forth multiple times.
  3. Distribute files to students, faculty, or staff - To distribute files to others at USF Health , you can add them as collaborators to a folder or give them a link to access the folder and download files. For example, to share files that you want students to view but not download or share, add the students as Previewer collaborators or send them a preview-only link. If you want a staff member to just be able to download a file, you can send them a download-only link. There are multiple permission levels to meet a variety of specific needs.
  4. Share files with individuals outside of USF Health - You can share a Box file with people outside the USF Health community by sending them a link to the file or folder you want them to access. When generating the link through the Box web interface, you can set the viewers' downloading and previewing privileges. The access level of the link should be set to "open", so that Box users who do not have a USF Health Box account can still preview and/or download the file. You can set a password for the link if it must remain secured to only the people you want to have access.
  5. Collaborate with users all over the world - With the correct collaborator permissions, you have the ability to invite users from anywhere in the world as collaborators on a file or folder; you can also send them links to the file or folder. They can be Box users at other institutions or create their own free accounts at No matter which way you decide to do it, this provide an easy way to collaborate with IT intervention.

Box Provides a large repository of documentation to help with using the product, and some of the documentation to useful features are contained below: