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The 6 Best Places to Study Around USF According to USF Students

Our campus is large, beautiful, and… loud. Sometimes it can be tricky to find a nice, quiet place to study around USF - especially around finals! So, we compiled this helpful list of the best places to study around and off campus based on reviews from current and former USF students! Locations are not in any particular order.


A plated muffin and mason jar of coffee sat on a colorful coffee table in Felicitous in Tampa, Florida

“Felicitous on 51st is an amazing place to study both inside and outside. Any one of their coffees is awesome, but I honestly will ask the barista what they're feeling and get that sometimes. Inside there is the best, it's kitschy and none of the furniture matches but that's part of the charm.” ~ Matt Warner, Class of 2008

The Village

“The new dorms in The Village have done a good job of sticking useful quiet rooms with whiteboards and good sunlight on all the floors (it’s very homey.) Even though you need access to get in, if you know someone in there it’s a great place to study (I’ve done so multiple times).” ~ Anders Vargas, Class of 2021

Kalesia Tea

Kalesia Tea chalkboard featuring the daily specials on the coffee bar with students studying in the background

“Kalesia Tea. Multiple study zones, they have outside seating, indoor tables (small and large) and then a special quiet area for concentrated study. The employees are friendly, their food offerings are good, well priced, vegetarian/vegan, and they have a huge range of tea. They also allow for group study time, their wifi is fast, and they let you stay as long as you need. They have been there for a long time, since I started here in 2008, and the lady that owns it placed it there to prove a good business could help a bad area, and thrive in doing so. So I really like why they exist.” ~ Michael, Class of 2014

“Kalesia has free wifi and a good amount of plugs. If you're the type of person who needs quiet (and can sit on the floor), Kaleisia has a quiet room. Also, let's not forget that a person needs fuel to study hard. Kaleisia has a great menu of actual food (aka more than just snacks). Even more, they have some pretty tasty omnivore and vegetarian options. If you're hankering for something outside of their menu, there are some great options in the plaza that they're in. Also, their drink options for boba tea and hot tea are pretty extensive. Friendly people and an awesome atmosphere had me returning to this place for lots of study sessions.” ~ Jessica Marshall, Class of 2018

The Library

“The third floor of the library has really nice spots in the back corner areas near the walls and books with movable chairs, my friends and I go there to study together. It has a nice book smell, in the back areas it can be super quiet but because it’s the 3rd floor you can still talk and goof off if needed. Its comfy and the view and lighting is nice but not distracting. My friends and I have an ongoing challenge to find weird or old books which is good if you need a break from the studying, my friend found a book from 1865. There are also outlets and a Starbucks downstairs.” ~ Jonas Banea, Class of 2022

Naga Tea

Three cups of boba tea sitting on a wood block with novelty plant letters surrounding spelling out Naga Tea

“Naga tea - This place doesn't have a ton of chairs. Actually, the setup (long tables and benches) is pretty well suited for group study sessions or just gathering a bunch of your friends to sit in the same place with you as you study. This place has a good amount of outlets and free wifi. Naga tea has a solid boba tea selection and the staff is happy to recommend something delicious. If you need a study break, there are card and board games as well as some books/manga available.” ~ Jessica Marshall, Class of 2018

The Well

“I've heard the WELL is a really nice study area for students. Most Main-Campus students I've spoken to don't know about it (mainly because it's on the health side of campus) but it's a really nice place. It has a Rising Roll Cafe, options to study indoor/outdoor and even the gym, similar to the Rec Center. Oh and if students ever run into any technical issues and need help connecting to Wifi or any of that, the WELL also has the WELL Tech Walk Up Desk, similar to the IT HelpDesk in the Main-Campus library.” ~ Nived Persaud, Class of 2020

Is your favorite place to study around USF on this list? If it isn't, let us know on our Facebook page!

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