Introducing the Archivum Platform

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Introducing the Archivum Platform

Archivum Concept

Archivum was developed from cloud-based technology designed by the company Appian, and is a completely digital, mobile friendly platform that streamlines processes and tasks. Archivum makes it simpler to support not only USF students, but USF staff.

What is Archivum?

Archivum is the landing ground for numerous applications and programs, all of which work to support USF’s community better than ever. Administrative tasks have become digitized and streamlined through this new method. So things that used to take weeks and long, chaotic papers trail to finalize now take days! Not only are processes significantly quicker, but they're much more effective now. Using the Archivum method, the university avoids the previously inevitable loss of emails and documents. There's no need for a filing system when your online program organizes everything for you. Common tasks like requesting an advisory change, or putting in an official travel request are quicker, simpler, and more efficient than ever. 

Because both the students and faculty will use Archivum, everything is easy and collaborative. People, systems, and processes now have a venue to interact with one another without complication. 

Why will you love Archivum?

Archivum is highly accessible, mobile friendly, and most of all, it delivers! 

The digitization of all of the administrative processes of USF makes efficiency well within reach. Things are instant, and they’re mobile. Archivum can be accessed through any device, and implementation of a digital app makes things just that much more accessible. You can download the mobile app here to access your Archivum profile even more remotely. 

Appian software has been utilized by endless big name clients around the world, including Bank of America and even Amazon. On their blog, though, Appian chose to feature us in a recent post, saying:

“Take the example of the University of South Florida, which completely transformed the College of Public Health’s advising and course registration process. Using Appian’s mobile application development platform, the College of Public Health was able to remove the paper-based student and course catalog information and instead digitize the entire process – and data – in a mobile app. Students can view their own academic record and register, add, and drop courses from their Apple or Android device. The result? The institution slashed the average course registration process from about two weeks to just a few days. Faculty and students, a particularly tough crowd to please when it comes to meeting mobile expectations, are thrilled with the new system.”

Archivum was developed from cloud-based technology designed by the company Appian, and is a completely digital, mobile friendly platform that streamlines processes and tasks. Archivum makes it simpler to support not only USF students, but USF staff.

Students Using Archivum

Here's a breakdown of some of the great things about Archivum that we know you'll love. Take a look at and decide for yourself:

Feature-rich Platform

What you see is only an inkling of what you will get. With every update there will be new and exciting features added.


The potential for errors that are seen with manual entry on paper forms is lowered with this digital platform.


With real-time monitoring and analytics, processes can be monitored and tweaked as needed.


The platform creates an archive of records, all in one place for faculty and students alike.

Simplicity in Design

The interface is sleek and modern, allowing for ease in navigation and use.

Why do I hear Appian and Archivum? What’s the difference?

Appian is the software company that makes the iBPM (intelligent Business Process Management) product that we are using. Archivum is the name of our Appian instance at USF.

Cloud Archives

Why the name “Archivum”?

Our inspiration for the name, Archivum, originated from one of our very first conversations with Bob Krammer, one of the four cofounders of Appian, where we learned that the company was named after the ancient Roman road: Appian Way. This conversation stuck with us while coming up with a name for our own instance of Appian at USF. We had three ambitious criteria for the name:

  1. Retain the meaning of Appian's naming origin
  2. Express what the software is and does at its core (Records we can take actions upon)
  3. Embody the new and exciting things we are doing and will be doing with this tool within a University setting

We deliberated for about a month before we came up with the name “Archivum,” which means “a collection of records” or “archive” in Latin. Our intent is to renew this archaic word to reflect what has happened to modern day "archives," which are in the Cloud and not some cavernous physical storage space.

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