The 5 Apps Every College Student Needs

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The 5 Apps Every College Student Needs

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1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a free grammar checker that claims to outperform even Microsoft Word’s spell check. You can add it as a free extension onto your web browser to get grammar help on emails, Facebook posts, papers, and more. Never get a bad grade again!

2. Google Calendar

Google’s new calendar app takes information from your gmail to accurately plan out your day. It’s perfect for laying out assignments, exams, and appointments. But the best part is that your calendar is stored online, so no matter what happens to your devices, your calendar will be saved.

3. Gmail/Outlook

It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many students don’t have remote access to their emails. Make sure your college email is linked to your Outlook or gmail app and that your notifications are enabled so you never miss a message again.

4. Wix

These days, most college students are expected to have their own website available for professors and potential employers to see. Free web templates are an easy and accessible way to display portfolios, blogs, and resumes. Wix is a popular choice for this, and with their app you can access your website or blog from anywhere.

5. Archivum

As a college student, you'll have endless housekeeping things you'll need to keep track of. Having one platform to perform all of them is essential! Archivum is USF's suite of applications and programs that are designed to support the college community. You can download the Archivum app here.

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