Why Establishing Web Presence is Important

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Why Establishing Web Presence is Important

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Web presence is critical for all industries. In an age where the Internet is such a useful communication tool, lack of a website or online presence can lead potential clients or patients to find similar business elsewhere. Here are three reasons why having and maintaining web presence is essential to getting ahead in the medical industry.

Advertise Your Services

Putting all of your information in one place is the easiest way to get the point across about you, your practice, and what you offer. Most internet users begin their search with Google or another search engine. From there, they may delve deeper into your website. Users prefer to read about services and procedures offered before calling for more information. By making information relevant to your services accessible to everyone on the Internet, you give more information to prospective clients. Including your office’s address and phone number on your page is an appropriate and streamlined way to give online visitors the information they need.

Some questions that should be answered on your website:

  • What services does your business offer?
  • Where is your business?
  • How can someone contact your business?

Introduce Yourself

Familiarizing readers with who you are and why you’re qualified to perform certain procedures assures they are comfortable. As an individual looks at your web page, they will want more information on who will be involved with their procedure. Devoting a portion of your website to talking about you, your history, recognition and achievements is the best way to introduce yourself to future patients, as well as the thousands of other people who will visit your website.

Some things that your "About Us" section should include:

  • Who else works for your business, if anyone, and what are their qualifications?
  • Have you or your business earned any accreditation?
  • What is the origin of your business?
  • Any anecdotes?
  • What about any customer testimonials?

Update Your Information Often

It’s important to remember to update your site frequently. Your website can and should be updated as often as possible. If your visitors see outdated data from months or even years ago, many will assume that you are no longer in business or that you aren't responsible enough to update a website. Make sure to upload any address, phone number, or staffing changes.

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