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Importance Of Web Presence

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The Digital Economy & The Online Marketplace

Establishing an online or web presence in today’s increasingly digital business landscape is critically significant for large scale, sustainable success. Individuals and organizations alike are now researching, collaborating, strategizing and in general, interacting through devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers more than ever. As a result, businesses with websites that are optimized, organized and easily accessible, reap the rewards of maintaining a highly optimized online presence in the form of increased customer satisfaction and retention rates.

So we know it’s important because of the huge quantity of online activity being generated by users, who will expect your business to have a high quality web presence. Many leaders have already begun to note that establishing a web presence is essential to succeeding in today’s complex and crowded global marketplace. Public speaker, influencer, and president of Adogy Marketing John Rampton reported in Forbes that, “In 2015 and the years to come the internet will be your strongest ally in the 21st century business arena”.. But how do you know that this is something that is truly relevant to you and your company or department, specifically? Let’s explore that question and its definite relationship to your team’s success, right now.

How Customers Find & Engage With You First

In order for a business to maintain any measure of relevance and sustain operations going forwards, its members must connect with others who will trade capital or something else of value for products, services, etc. delivered. So the first step towards success is building and maintaining customer connections, both new and old. Today, the internet is the meeting ground, the place where customers research, discover and first attempt to interact (i.e. build and maintain connections) with you and your business. So to improve customer engagement, you should strive to meet your customers where they want to meet, which as society has already determined, is online.

Search engines continually scan, locate, and rank your website pages, so that others can easily find them in results lists and visit you online. You need to value your presentation on the web just as much as you would your professional presentation in an office or conference room setting. Depending upon your approach and commitment to a positive, reliable web presence, you can motivate customers to act and directly increase your business' success. The point is that, what’s good for the search engines and what’s good for visitors translates into business value for you and your team.

A Platform For Content & Reputation Management

Your website and overall web presence isn’t only a reliable platform for connecting with and delivering fresh content to your customers, it’s also a reputation building resource. To start establishing your voice online, you could consider developing:

  • Business Blogs
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Research Reports and Whitepapers

Save Money & Increase New Business Profits

Ultimately, leaders will want to take note of the potential ROI (return-on-investment) generated from a strong web presence. The answer to that is twofold and simpler than understanding how to actually design and develop your team’s website. First of all, it drives new business because new customers can find and select you when they search for resources or services online. Secondly, it’s more cost-effective than many other traditional methods of communication between companies and customers because it’s purely digital. Therefore, the costs associated with print, manual distribution (e.g. mail, newspaper, etc.) and conventional advertising techniques including radio, television, etc. are largely eliminated. Plus if a mistake is made, your team can correct it faster and more affordably through a virtually paperless process. So both your customer, your boss and the environment will thank you for a business approach that encompasses web presence.

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Moving Forward - What’s Your Web Strategy?

Your website alone is a powerful tool for promoting business growth. With this understood, rather than focusing on whether or not you want or need a web presence - you absolutely do - leaders must evaluate exactly what their web strategy should be, depending on the overall business goals, customer characteristics and demands.

In his best-selling book, Business @ the Speed of Thought: Succeeding in the Digital Economy, Bill Gates and Collins Hemingway explained that, “The gap between what companies are spending and what they’re getting stems from the combination of not understanding what is possible and not seeing the potential when you use technology to move the right information quickly to everyone. In the digital age ‘connectivity’ takes on a broader meaning than simply putting two or more people in touch. The Internet creates a new universal space for information sharing, collaboration and commerce.” This is the world in which we all live and work. To remain relevant, sustain operations and succeed within it, leaders must guide their teams to develop a sustainable business strategy, which includes a well managed online presence. The technology and software specialists at USF Health Information Technology can help to guide you through this critical transition and produce measurable results for your team.

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