Research Opportunities & Field Studies

USF Health Panama is the only U.S. University with a presence in Panama and a focus in health. Since its inception, the USF Health Panama International Health Foundation has hosted hundreds of students and faculty in research and field experiences in Panama. Our USF Health Panama faculty and adjunct faculty are actively involved in health research and training throughout the region and can facilitate faculty or student research interests by finding appropriate collaborators and sites in the region as well as provide management services for research grants as needed.

International Field Experiences (IFE)

The International Field Experience is a practicum that is open to all USF College of Public Health graduate students, and is mandatory for students in the Global Health Practice concentration. It is considered an important part of the academic curriculum, serving as a structured and significant educational experience in which individual students spend 6-12 weeks with a host country supervisor, conducting a public health focused research project based on the student’s interest.

Panama’s developing environment provides a plethora of opportunities for field experiences and research and is a wonderful location to live and work while conducting your IFE. If you are interested in pursuing an IFE in Panama, please contact Mr. Jesse Casanova,, the USF College of Public Health- International Field Experience & Programs Coordinator for further information.

“An International Field Experience is no ordinary study abroad program; it is an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Not only did my internship with the Pan American Health Organization’s Regional Program on Dengue exceed my expectations, but the cultural experience of living in Panama and the confidence I gained from my stay there are invaluable benefits. Being able to make such a contribution during this experience has expanded my view on what an individual can accomplish in public health.”
MPH Student, Department of Global Health

Ngäbe-Buglé Indigenous Population Health Education Project

USF Health Panama received a 2 year grant to engage USF students and faculty in a health education train-the-trainer project that helped deliver health education to community members in the vulnerable, Ngäbe-Buglé, indigenous region of Panama. Over the course of the project, 25 health professionals were trained in telehealth and 78 health promoters were given the tools and trainings to deliver health education to the rural community. The outcome of this project was overwhelmingly positive which positively affected the lives of almost 7,000 adult men, women and children in the community.

PI: Dr. Arlene Calvo