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USF Health Panamá News

University of Southern California Public Health practicum

USF Health Panama hosts 8 graduate students from USC for a two week global health practicum in Panama. Students conduct community-based participatory research in vector control, nutrition, alcohol and tobacco consumption in the 24 de Diciembre Community.

USF Health Panama participates in the annual NAFSA conference, participated by over 11,000 international educators from around the world, in Denver, CO.

USF Health participates as part of the ‎Knowledge in Panama consortium of the City of Knowledge at the NAFSA conference in Denver on May 30-June 3. Read more here.

USF Health faculty and alumni collaborate with University of Alabama Birmingham faculty, Dr. German Henestroza, on indigenous health research

USF COPH faculty conclude UK Innovation Fund Grant Project

USF Health COPH researchers, led by PI- Dr. Arlene Calvo, present final presentations in conclusion of an innovation grant award, funded by the British Embassy in Panama. USF Health researchers conducted intervention programs focusing on women’s health throughout Panama, including topics of HPV/cervical cancer, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, chronic diseases, aging, intimate partner violence and mental illness, among others. In conclusion of the project, the team traveled thousands of kilometers and reached over 700 women in communities across the country.

Muhlenberg College- Public Health in Practice study abroad

USF Health Panama hosted 17 undergraduate students and 3 faculty from Muhlenberg College in Pennslyvania. Students studied the indigienous population of the San Félix community and investigated the medical, socioeconomic, and environmental determinants of public health in a global, regional, cultural and politcal context.
USF College of Public Health –Undergraduate Seminar in Public Health Study Abroad

9 undergraduate studnets from the USF COPH visited rural communities and worked with health centers in Panama City and Chitre to study biomedical issues, social & behavioral factors and environmental issues related to public health.

USF College of Business –Principles of Management Study Abroad

9 students from the USF College of Business had a dynamic experience studying business management in the international commerce/trade, banking, telecommunications and tourism industries in Panama, including special visits to the Panama Canal Authority, Superintendencia de Bancos, DELL headquarters, Berns Hotels and American Embassy.

USF College of Public Health- International Health Education Study Abroad

11 graduate students led by professor Dr. Arlene Calvo work in the rural Las Mañanitas community to develop evidence based health education interventions and learn about the history, geography, structural and sociocultural factors that impact public health.
USF International Health Service Collaborative (IHSC)

21 graduate students, residents and faculty from the Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health and School of Physical Therapy participated in the 4thannual visit to the community of Chica where they delivered health services, education and a daytime and night health clinic, treating over 75 patients in need!
USF Honors College- Student Community Service

20 undergraduate students from the USF Honors College, for the second year, joined efforts with the IHSC graduate student organization to deliver health services and education and perform community health surveys in the rural community of Chica. This service-learning and culturally enriching experience changed the lives of many of these students.
Polk State College- Community Nursing and Health Administration

USF Health Panama hosted nursing and health administration students from Polk State College in Florida for the first time in this unique program. Students studied Panamanian health systems, nursing clinical practice in urban and rural Panama as well as visited regional headquarters of PAHO/WHO and GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals.
USF College of Nursing led the first Evidence Based Practice Nursing Conference in collaboration with the University of Panama, College of Nursing in Chitre, which was attended by local clinical health professionals and workers.
Third Annual Vaccinology in the Tropics Conference Hotel Intercontinental Miramar, Panama.

USF Health hosted the third annual, Vaccinology in the Tropics international conference, at the Hotel Intercontinental- Miramar in Panama City on January 23-24, 2016. The conference was attended by over 200international participants and led by leading international researchers, clinicians and public health professionals in the field that presented the latest scientific, clinical, and practical advances in vaccine research and development, tropical medicine, immunization programs, and global health. Learn more here.
Innovative Education – Academic and Cultural Engagement Program (ACE) :

the USF Health Panama office hosted a group of 81 USF freshman students and faculty as part of the USF Office of Innovative Education’s new summer Academic and Cultural Engagement Program (ACE), study abroad program. Further, students learned about culture, Panamanian society, history, and art.
USF Health Panama administers 6th Clinical Research Certificate (Diplomado):

USF Health Panama faculty and adjunct faculty are actively involved in research and training in the health filed and offer a broad curriculum of infectious disease training. By collaborating with international and regional experts, such as the Gorgas Regional Health Training Center, USF Health Panama supports research and provides training for public health professionals in infectious disease such as dengue, tuberculosis, influenza, HIV/AIDS, and malaria. Further, USF Health Panama faculty instruct courses and have developed modules in influenza, virology, epidemiology, laboratory medicine, health promotion and leadership.
International Perspectives in Women’s Health Study Abroad Course

Dr. Calvo and Dr. Vamos led their annual International Perspectives in Women’s Health class received presentation from Vital Voices Foundation, Panamanian Observatory for Gender Violence – People’s Defense Office and Visit the Women’s Prison (Centro Femenino de Rehabilitacion – Carcel de Mujeres)
USF´s Provost Ralph Wilcox signed the first collaboration agreement with the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP).

The effort of this collaboration geared towards developing joint-research and educational training opportunities with USF College of Engineering and Public Health which included: Issues related to water quality, environmental engineering, social inclusion, bioengineering, sustainability and social innovation.