Conferences & Workshops

Panama, also known as the “Hub of the Americas”, is a strategic location to host your next international conference. Let USF Health Panama’s highly-credentialed staff strategically plan your next conference or workshop.

Current Conferences & Workshops hosted by USF Health Panama

Vaccinology in the Tropics- 
International Conference which gathers nearly 500 physicians, researchers and healthcare professionals from around the world to address new developments and innovations in Vaccinology specific to tropical diseases. The conference has been presented twice, in 2006 and 2012, at the Intercontinental Hotel at Playa Bonita Resort, in Panama City. 

The next upcoming conference will take place in January 2016. Stay tuned for more information.
  • Conference Directors: Arlene Calvo, PhD, Xavier Saez-Lórens, PhD, and Ricardo Izurieta, PhD. 

Vivax Malaria Conference-
International conference sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which gathers nearly 150 researchers, clinicians and malaria experts from around the world.
  • Conference Directors: John Adams, PhD. 

Scientific Writing Workshop-
This academic workshop was co-developed by USF and the INDICASAT research lab in Panama and sponsored by the Panamanian Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation. Hosted at the Holiday Inn Hotel at the City of Knowledge, Panama.
  • Workshop Directors: Gabrielle Britton (INDICASAT) and Arlene Calvo, PhD.

Highlights of Past Conferences hosted by USF Health Panama

Celebrating 100 Years of the Panama Canal Event- May 29, 2014

In conjunction with the Panama Canal Authority and the Gorgas Memorial Institute, USF Health Panama hosted the 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal Event. This historical forum was designed to highlight the importance that public health had not only for the successful construction of the Panama Canal, but for the construction of Panama City, especially its sewage collection and sanitation system. World-renowned speakers attended and discussed relevant regional and local health indicators, current health research conducted in Panama, and possible solutions for sound public policies moving forward.