Certificate Courses & Training

USF Health Panama faculty and adjunct faculty are actively involved in research and training in the health field and offer a broad curriculum of infectious disease training. By collaborating with international and regional experts, such as the Gorgas Regional Health Training Center, USF Health Panama supports research and provides training for public health professionals in infectious diseases such as dengue, tuberculosis, influenza, HIV/AIDS, malaria. Recently, USF Health Panama has started to work on the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Further, USF Health Panama faculty instruct courses and have developed modules in influenza, virology, epidemiology, laboratory medicine, health promotion and leadership.

Certificate Courses/ Diplomados

USF Health Panama offers several certified, certificate courses (Diplomados) to health professionals in the Latin American Region, taught in Spanish.

Diplomado in Clinical Research: Diplomado en Investigación Clínica (En Línea)
  • A certificate-style course taught in Spanish for clinical professionals in the field who wish to strengthen their knowledge on clinical research. The course was developed out of the critical need for research-trained, clinical professionals in Latin America. To meet the needs and schedules of professionals, the course has evolved from a completely on-site class, to a fully online course experience, the first of its kind in the region. The fully online-course is offered annually every August- December. Please contact our office for information.
- Instructor: Arlene Calvo, PhD, MPH
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Diplomado in Infectious Disease: Fundamentos Para El Diagnostico De Infecciones
  • A certificate-style course taught in Spanish, in conjunction with Merck, Sharp & Dohme Pharmaceuticals on the fundamentals of diagnostics in infectious disease. The course will cover bacterial and viral disease agents, clinical diagnosis, resistance mechanisms of disease and modern testing availability and techniques.
- Instructors: Silvio Vega, MD. MSc, Nestor Sosa, MD, Xavier Saez-Llorens, MD., María Eugenia Gutiérrez, MD.